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physical exercise is essential to keep our muscles and heart strong and in good condition. But what about your brain? Just like your body, you should give your brain a regular exercise to make sure it stays healthy with your age. However, you don't need a gym - according to our experts, the tools you have are right beside you, Dara Schwartz, a clinical psychologist at sharp mesavista hospital in San Diego, and Ruth Coran, a brain injury survivor and author of keep your brain healthy, keep reading eight technologies, and start to enter your daily life to ensure that your brain has a long-term life. And a happy life. The credit of

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1. "When I talk about brain health, I talk about it as much as I talk about circuit training in the brain," said Dr. Schwartz, who advocates integrating various "sites" into your daily life, as you see in the gym. Her first thought is to learn something new, ideally something that is not easy for you. " "If it's challenging and frustrating for your brain, it could be good for your brain," she said. Your brain is trying to find something new. "For example, if you don't have mechanical thinking, try to learn some car skills, or if you're not a speaker, try to remember a song or the lyrics of a poem.

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2. Part of retraining your body's

brain health also includes making sure that your body has to learn new ways to accomplish daily tasks. One of the techniques that Ruth Curran, M.S., uses to enhance the activity of his neurons is to walk in a different way than before. " I try to walk on the side of the road instead of on the sidewalk, up and down the stairs instead of taking what I need, back and forth instead of in a straight line. Forcing the brain to do something deep in it in a different way is a good mix. " "

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practice public speaking

Dr. Schwartz believes that the key step of brain movement" cycle "is to develop language fluency. If you find yourself having trouble finding words, this is an example of a decline in oral fluency as you get older. "To help maintain this skill, she suggests practicing public speaking, as in debates." I told my patients to study a new topic and then talk about it for three minutes, "she said. It doesn't matter if it's only a minute. You don't have to speak in front of anyone - say it out loud, preferably on topics you're not familiar with, which will help. Related: what you can do today, your future self will thank you for your contribution:

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4. Use both feelings together

No, we don't mean to make your life more difficult. Instead, it's about integrating multiple senses when you do an activity. "Adding music to everyday activities, such as cleaning or driving, can help open up new avenues," colan said. Dr Schwartz agrees: "when you have to use both senses at the same time, the brain performs well." Other ideas: listen to an audiobook while cooking, or take a small bottle of strong essential oil like mint with you when walking and smelling. Every once in a while.

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5. Flexible use of your short-term and long-term memory

remember the classic video memory game Simon? It turns out that the red, blue, green and yellow flash modes are not just entertainment. Another end of the cycle for Dr. Schwartz is to develop the ability to remember and focus. " Focus on long-term and short-term memory, "she said. For example, focus on a year and talk about what happened in that year of your life. Try to remember what you did yesterday: where did you drive? What's in the mail? " Games like Simon are very good for concentration. Now there are many applications that can be downloaded to your mobile phone, as well as some websites, such as Curran's cranimcrunches.com, which have free memory games.


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6. Numerous studies are advocating the impact of intimacy on health and health. That's the medical reason, Dr. Schwartz said: "the human brain rewards us for our connection to others." Like holding hands, touching, and even staring at the eyes, oxytocin is released from the brain. As we age, our social circle tends to get smaller, and at the same time, your brain begins to forget how to produce oxytocin. To maintain this feel good hormone flow, try to join a new club, volunteer or take on a new job assignment, which will force you to meet and interact with new people.

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No.7. Organize your brain. Have you ever watched the TV show hoarder? Here's a common theme: after the theme was helped to reduce clutter, their life and emotional outlook seemed to improve. So is your brain. " It's hard to focus when our brain is overwhelmed with information. Mindfulness is a tool that helps you become clear as you grow older, "Dr. Schwartz said. You can learn how to practice mindfulness through websites and applications in seminars, but a good simple exercise is single sense mindfulness. Spend a minute every day focusing on a feeling: what do you hear around you? How does your body feel? Or take something comforting and focus on touch. " You are teaching yourself that you can control the direction of your thoughts. "The more you can control where your brain goes, the better it functions," Schwartz added. "It's related to why you always date the same type of person:

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8. If necessary, the treatment of anxiety and depression has a great impact on the overall brain health. "These conditions can cause the brain to slow down as a whole, even if you're doing regular electrical activity," Dr. Schwartz said. If you think you might be struggling with either of these two issues, talk to your doctor about your options so you don't disrupt all the other good things you're doing for your brain.

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What do you think? What is the best technique to keep sharp? Have you noticed that your intelligence is declining? What are you going to do? What do you care about most as you grow older? Learn 10 ways to love yourself more