15 Signs That Your Body is Too Acidic and Exposed to Disease


The alkaline or acid balance of your blood may not be something you’re worried about or even aware of, but if you have acid levels that are too high, your entire body could suffer. Every major organ in your body can be harmed by too much acidity; if you’re not feeling well, excess acid could be to blame. What is pH all about, and why does it matter so much? Learning more about alkalinity and acidity and how they impact your health can help you recognize the signs of trouble and ensure you act when you need to.

When your pH is out of balance or you are in a state of acidosis, illness and disease have the perfect breeding spot. Getting back into balance can help protect you from a variety of health-related issues and ensure you stay healthy. Here go the 15 signs that your body is too acidic to watch out for:


1. You’re Stressed Out

You’re Stressed Out – http://i.huffpost.com

Want to avoid excess acidity? Cut your stress levels and you’ll feel better mentally and physically, too. Research has shown that stress levels can boost acidity and increase your chances of gastrointestinal trouble. If you’re stressed out and experience digestive upset, acid could be to blame. From the stress of working too hard to financial concerns and even family strife, stress could be driving your acid levels up. Even if you can’t get rid of the things causing you to be stressed out, you can take time to relax and make sure you get plenty of rest.