10 simple pancake recipes that your waistline will love

Pancakes are one of the most popular breakfast in the United States. They can also be one of the highest calorie foods. But if it's done well, they're actually good for you. First you need to start with the right ingredients: use good flour, such as whole wheat pastry, overtime beans and coconut powder, and include other nutritious ingredients, such as Greek yoghurt, fruit and nuts. Consider delicious pancake recipes, not just sweet versions. Try dousing them with coconut or maple syrup instead of typical table syrup. Here are 10 delicious pancakes you can enjoy at any time. Thank Jackie Nugent for his hospitality. Protein pancakes

get out of the way, protein drinks! Protein rich pancakes offer a more satisfying way to supplement this muscle friendly nutrition in the morning. This recipe offers not one kind of protein, but five kinds: egg, protein, bean powder, hemp protein powder and hemp seed! The protein provided by eggs and hemp seeds is considered to be of high quality. Although pancakes are rich in ingredients, the natural sweetness will surprise you because of the true caramelization (Browning) of banana, vanilla and almond extracts, cinnamon and pancakes. To finish them, drizzle them with pure maple syrup and sprinkle them with fresh seasonal fruit. Calories: 437

credit card: provided by Jackie Nugent. Lemon and veggie pancakes are too cold to add seeds. They contain heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can be used as an egg substitute in recipes. This is their mission in lemon, Veggie pancake recipes. You first need to let the seeds soak in the liquid of the formula for 15 minutes to make them coagulate. When making pancakes, you should wait until the first side is fully cooked before turning it. This is how to make pancakes correctly. Fluffy, moist results may surprise you, especially if you haven't used chiya seeds before. Just stew the mixture of blueberry and blueberry jam and put it on the hot pancake. Sprinkle with lemon juice, too. Calories: 365 credit card: provided by Jackie Nugent

3. For some people, it seems challenging to eat some vegetables and other healthy plant foods at breakfast time, but not if you have this recipe on hand. These pancakes feature chickpea flour, oats, spinach and tomatoes. They provide a delicious way to start (or end) the day, and a delicious way full of fiber. Sprinkle a little cheese with goat's milk to add a touch of sweetness. You can spray them in large quantities with fresh lemon juice instead of syrup. When you're on top of it, grind a little lemon peel on it to add vitality and limonene, an anti-cancer oil naturally found in orange peel. Calories: 379 credit card: provided by Jackie Nugent

4. Sunny scallion pancakes

if it's too early for your brain to decide whether to have eggs or pancakes for breakfast, don't worry: you can have both! Here, you can enjoy two whole wheat pancakes, both of which are made of green onions. Then you will put an egg on your pancake pile, no matter which way you do it, such as facing up to the sun. No syrup - eggs provide the balance of meat you need, not to mention all the nutrients in the yolk, including lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for the eyes. For added appeal, sprinkle with lemon juice and extra scallion slices. Is your appetite better? Prepare extra eggs and rolls. Calories: 346

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5. Greek yogurt strawberry pancake

everything is light, so this healthy pancake is correct compared with traditional pancakes. Whole wheat pastry replaced general white; skimmed pure Greek yogurt and unsweetened applesauce replaced a mixture of sugar, butter and buttermilk. This means that no fat or sugar is added to these exchanges. The result is a completely moist pancake with enough puffiness. Pure vanilla extract and vibrant strawberry flavor. Using frozen strawberries instead of fresh strawberries is an ideal way to use the juice of thawed strawberries. Put some vanilla Greek yogurt on it. Calories: 290

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6. Mini trail mix pancake stack

if you eat a healthy buttermilk pancake recipe and a small bag of trail mix and rotate them together, that's what you get. You can choose your favorite mixed snacks or make your own with nuts, seeds, dried fruits or dark chocolate chips. Pancake batter use whole wheat flour for whole wheat dessert. It can make a good meal after exercise. Drizzle with honey or coconut juice, then sprinkle with extra mixture, especially when you are doing intensive training. You can easily replenish glycogen (stored carbohydrates) in your muscles to prepare for your next activity. Calories: 412

credit card: provided by Jackie Nugent. There is no simpler recipe for pancakes with three ingredients

. All you need to do is mix a banana puree with a few eggs and a pinch of salt to balance the taste. That's it. Just make sure your banana is fully ripe, it will be the sweetest. You can scoop and cook like a pancake in a frying pan, but these pancakes are rich in protein and gluten free, so they are more suitable for daily diet than ordinary pancakes. "Starch pancakes. You can also be on it like an ordinary pancake. A drop of pure maple syrup and a little cinnamon are perfect. Calories: 249

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8. Breakfast Chocolate Mint pancake? Why not? These pancakes actually contain cocoa powder, potassium in bananas and antioxidants in eggs. They are definitely not traditional pancakes, because their two main ingredients are bananas and eggs. In fact, they're a bit like pancakes. There is no sugar added, but they are all desserts. If you like, prepare a batch of desserts for two. The advantage: easy to make. Sprinkle these delicious pancakes with coconut juice, raspberries and fresh mint leaves. Calories: 279 credit card: provided by Jackie Nugent

9. Southwest pancakes

if you like corn bread, you will love these pancakes. They're inspired by corn.Bread, a mixture of whole wheat pastry and organic yellow corn flour, but made into fluffy pancakes. They include chopped coriander, garlic and ground lime peel for added taste and nutrition. But the real fun starts here: you can top these pancakes with avocado sauce, taco or salsa and fresh cilantro. Or, you can simply pour honey over a small mouthful of sweet and delicious food. They are ideal for pancake dinner. Calories: 413

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10. Mixing a batch of these luxurious pancakes will bring you into a completely tropical mood. They look like dessert, but they are designed for a meal because they are rich in protein. The choice of flour is coconut powder, the choice of sugar is coconut sugar. Neither of these ingredients will cause blood sugar to soar to traditional levels, so you can safely put a spoonful of low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt on top of these pancakes. If you have extra calories, sprinkle them with roasted natural almond or coconut slices for an attractive texture and extra tropical flavor. Calories: 440 credit card: provided by Jackie Nugent

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