These Everyday Habits Could Be Hurting Your Muscles


In 2012, the National Health Interview Survey determined that 25.3 million Americans feel pain every day. Much of that is muscle pain in their backs, knees, necks, and more. Everyday habits–such as sitting for too long and lifting objects incorrectly–can worsen these aches. Sometimes, pain can have a surprising origin, such as a vitamin deficiency. See which habits and lifestyle factors are hurting your muscles.

Texting Too Much Will Give You “Text Thumb”

A woman texts someone while waiting at an airport.


Jason A. Strelzow, an orthopedic trauma expert from the University of Chicago, says that he sees many patients for “text thumb.” When people text too much, the tendon that connects the thumb to the wrist swells. Medical professionals call this condition de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis might cause pain or numbness near the base of your thumb, especially when you move your hand or make a fist. If the pain escalates, it might inhibit movement. Dr. Strelzow says that you can avoid “text thumb” by texting in moderation.