For This Reason, You Should Always Put A Coin In Your Freezer


If Only We Had Known Sooner

Have you ever come home to find your digital clock flashing the wrong time? You quickly realize that a power outage may have occurred while you were away, but it’s almost impossible to know when it happened or how long it lasted. And what if we can’t discover it through the digital clock? The power outage itself may not be that bad, but it could bring annoying consequences for your health.





Usually, we don’t even realize if there has been a power outage, or if our fridge is malfunctioning. You think it’s not so bad until you consider your health. For example, if your freezer is packed with meat, this could have serious consequences. You should never refreeze thawed meat! But what if we don’t know this happened, and still eat it? It could be extremely dangerous for your health. It seems impossible to find out whether your freezer has thawed during this time, or if it is malfunctioning. Or is it?



Why A Coin In The Freezer Can Save You Money - Screeble

Fortunately, a lady recently shared a great tip on Facebook to find out if your freezer has thawed or malfunctioned. Her post has been shared 100,000 times. All you need is a plastic container and a coin. You have to freeze a coin! It may sound crazy, but it really works. You can read below how a simple coin can help you solve this problem.


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Fill a plastic container with water and then freeze it in the fridge. Then place a coin on the frozen water surface, and put the container back in the freezer. After going on vacation or some time later, is the coin at the bottom of the tray? Then you know that your freezer has thawed or is not working properly! If you go on vacation or are unsure if your freezer is working properly, this tip is super helpful. If you want to know if your freezer is working properly, you can regularly check the container to see if the coin is still on the ice. It’s also definitely a great way to save money, as you don’t have to throw away unnecessary food.