20 Popular Weight-Loss Tips From Around the World


Losing weight isn’t always easy. You read so many articles about weight loss tips and how to lose weight fast but often you’ll find they aren’t all that helpful. Some people swear by Mediterranean diet recipes while others stick to juicing for weight loss or no carb diets.

Some nations appear to have less difficulty keeping off the weight. Surely, they must have some tips to lose weight!

Let’s explore how different countries tackle the issue of losing weight. Here are a few weight loss tips from around the world that we’ve found.

1. South Africa


South Africa – https://upload.wikimedia.org

Many people attribute losing weight with the help of tea consumption. Many weight loss tips are centered on different variations of the hot beverage.

In South Africa, they have a tea called Rooibos that’s a little more robust than green tea. Swapping out your morning coffee for a cup of Rooibos can save you a lot of unnecessary calories.

You can now even find it worldwide in popular coffee chains such as Starbucks.