Best and worst grilled food in Costco in summer

summer is the ultimate excuse to get together with friends, open a cold dish, bake a lot of hamburgers and kebabs. But if the barbecue and cold drinks make you and your guests feel heavy, drowsy and bloated, what's the point? The secret to the success of summer barbecue is the quality food - and a lot more - that's where wholesale stores like Costco come in. Although not every Costco product is delicious or healthy, there are some treasures in the hallway, such as the stomach friendly CommScope tea and salmon rich in omega-3, which won't make your calorie counter pay attention. We conducted a poll of nutritionists and nutritionists to provide you with the best choice (and problems to avoid) for Costco. So you can't have another tube with sodium and saturated fat. The best: prepared sweet and salty food. But before that, smart snacks will make the guests enjoy themselves without affecting their appetite. This sweet, salty snack bag gets its flavor from all the right places - sweet grapes and delicious cheese as well as carrots and pretzels. At 150 calories, these off the shelf snax are a good control part and have a satisfying 5 grams per pack of protein. This kind of cheese provides a good source of calcium. If you want to preserve plastic (which is good for you), carrots can provide antioxidant vitamin A for more than one day. Costco has many beautiful agricultural products and cheese that can be used to make its own homemade snack plate. Next step: there is a protein rich in omega-3 that all guests will like.

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Best: the content of omega-3 fatty acids in wild Alaskan salmon is good for heart health, brain health and immune system. Its natural crimson color is the result of antioxidation of organic pigments and comes from carotenoids in the diet (mainly from shrimp). "Costco sells some of the best quality seafood around me," said Jenna Gorham, a registered dietitian at Jenna Gorham nutrition. All types are good places for summer picnics and cooking on grills. Costco wild Alaskan salmon is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. At the same time, the company's salmon farming comes from suppliers certified by the aquaculture management committee, which focuses on the environmental and social impact of fish farming. Whenever you buy fish, use the Seafood Watch app and website to help you find responsible fish and cultured seafood, and ask where your seafood comes from. Next step: this fermented beverage is a must in summer.

when you want to provide an interesting drink for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages, the best: Suja ginger lemon Kombucha drink, CommScope tea is a unique choice and benefit. Its natural fermentation is very similar to that of pickles and pickles, and also provides a large number of gut friendly probiotics. Suka ginger lemon Kombucha is like a mixture of ginger soda and lemonade, plus a refreshing soda, but the calories are much lower than soda or wine (30 calories per 8 ounces). It has been shown to be nonalcoholic, free of transgenes and organics. Keep in mind that this drink has added some sugar (7G per serving), but it's still a lot less than soda. Jenna Braddock, RDN, CSSD,'s registered dietician and blogger like CommScope tea because it "is more special than plain water and has a variety of unique tastes, many of which are party favorites (such as mojito)." Last step: this brand of hamburger is recognized by nutritionists.

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BBQ turkey burger is the favorite summer barbecue, but not everyone wants the classic burger. At least one choice is good, whether it's a vegetable pie or a turkey burger. " Bubba turkey burgers my are favor Costco find for grilling season "shares with Lauren Harris Pincus, M.S., RDN, the author of the protein packed breakfast club. "There are only three ingredients: Turkey, kosher salt and rosemary. The Bubba burger is 90% lean meat, providing 22 grams of lean protein and less than 200 calories. What's more, they are very convenient because you can (and should) bake them directly from frozen food. This means you can put them in the freezer and remove them before throwing them into the grill. Next step: thirsty? Try to have a drink at the party next summer.

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Best: Poland spring sparkling water

everyone knows that water is the best drink for health, but "some iced sparkling water can be slightly twisted on a glass of basic water, providing Sharon Palmer, RDN, plant dynamic nutritionist. Poland spring's new line of sparkling water is made from Maine springs and real fruit flavors, offering zero calories and Zero sugar. You can bring it up from the fridge, or take a step further and add your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs. Palmer's favorite way of dressing includes "adding a piece of orange, cucumber or vanilla (basil, rosemary, mint) as a low calorie, low sugar drink, which can replenish water, meet the needs, and is beautiful."

next: this snack is not good for party guests.

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worst: flamingo's hot cheese

is simple and clear, "cheese provides little nutrition," Golem said. Although they can satisfy the occasional appetite, there are more supplements and nutritious snacks to choose from every day. "In the long run, Costco's two ounce bags (two technically, but apparently to encourage us to eat and drink) contain 330 calories (a mini meal in itself) and only one gram of protein and fiber. For the same amount of calories, Golem offers these healthier snacks: a big apple, two tablespoons of peanut butter, also 8 grams of fiber and nearly 9 grams of protein; or a whole wheat biscuit and two ounces of cheese, which provides 16 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Next step: get rid of this sodium flavoring from your summer barbecue stand.

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worst: Hidden Valley Ranch condiment? Costco offers more than two liters of double-layer packaging, a total of 80 ounces. Each ounce (or two tablespoons) contains 140 calories and 260 milligrams of sodium, as well as artificial flavors and very little protein. The same amount of Greek yoghurt contains less than 20 calories, provides three times the protein, not to mention its higher milk fat content and rich in calcium. To taste a delicious dip and provide an important nutritional upgrade for ranch condiments, use Greek yogurt as a base and mix it with your favorite herbs (or find a condiment bag that you like). Next step: these sausages will never help you get summer BOD. The worst case scenario is: Farmer John Holt Louisiana sausage's nutrition label is a surprise, mainly because it counts half a sausage as one. When was the last time you went to barbecue for half a sausage? This means doubling the calories, sodium, and saturated fat content of each sausage to 340 calories, 10 grams of saturated fat (equivalent to 50% of the daily maximum), and 920 mg of sodium (more than half the recommended 1500 mg per day for heart health). "Sausages are tricky," Harris Pincus said. The international agency for research on cancer classifies processed meat as a carcinogen (i.e., a possible carcinogen). But some good choices are made with chicken or Turkey, which are much lower in fat and much higher in protein than traditional pork sausages. "Her last words were:" this product is definitely not good for heart health and waist circumference. " Next step: this popular drink will stimulate your blood sugar and lead to cavities. The worst is ilya_starikov / iStock / gettyimages

: Coke

no one thinks soda is healthy, but the problem is that it is actually "one of the most unhealthy choices, because the calories provided by sugary drinks have no nutritional value, and they don't feel full or full, Palmer said. In addition, "soda increases calories, increases the risk of metabolism and cardiovascular disease, and has no effect on health attributes or nutritional value." Gorham added that a 12 ounce can of coke contains 33 grams of sugar, which can cause blood sugar to rise and fall rapidly, corrode teeth, cause cavities and cavities. She reminded us that the average recommended daily amount of sugar for women is 25g, while for men it is 37.5g. A can of coke can get women over the daily limit and men close to the daily limit for adding sugar. Next step: this dessert may look great, but it's too bad for you.

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worst: Lady fortunes summer colorful cake pop-up

"when you encounter this box of beautiful cakes pop-up with amazing price, you may think that you have found the perfect party dessert," said Braddock. But she warned against letting the scale of the hospitality fool you into thinking it was light. Each soda has 220 calories, which is common in any dessert. It's a good reminder to remember that when you push your oversized shopping cart through the bakery section, it's a series of biscuits, cakes, pies and Danes with absolutely zero nutritional information. "A cake soda is great, but because it's a visually smaller dessert, you or your guests may eat two or more without thinking," Braddock said. She recommends something lighter - fruit or watermelon. "

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What do you think? What is the food for summer barbecue? You have other healthy Costco favorites. Did we forget to include them? Please let us know in the comments!

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