How to train your whole body with one weight

when most people think about barbells and weight, they think about increasing muscle and strength. If you ask most fitness enthusiasts how to lose weight and increase endurance, they may point you to a stationary bike or treadmill. But there's a simple tool for getting the best of two worlds: barbells. By using barbells on a continuous track, you can practice three or more times without stopping or letting go, and you can build strength and endurance at the same time. You will see more results in less time. Are you ready to try?

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whole body barbell compound training

the following six exercises constitute a compound training, which aims to exercise your whole body. Depending on your fitness level, repeat 5 or 10 times for each movement. Your goal is to complete the six step cycle in 30 seconds (5 times at a time) or 60 seconds (10 times at a time). Perform 3-5 compounds and rest between each compound for 2-3 minutes. Use medium weight all the way, and practice at a controlled speed. Keep in good condition every time.

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first stand up and grasp the bar with shoulder width at hip height. While keeping the back flat and knees slightly bent, bend forward at the waist so that the barbell is more than half below the tibia. Extend from the lower back and return to the original position.

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wide grip bent over a row of

first lean forward and use the grip wider than the shoulder to keep the bar knee high. Pull the elbow back so that the rod contacts the chest with the nipple level. Lower your hand to the original position and repeat.

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high tension

stand up and switch the hand to the grip force slightly narrower than the shoulder width. Pull the rod up from the waist to the chest by pulling the elbow up to the ear height. Lower to the original position and repeat.

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squat forward

place the barbell in a clean position at shoulder height. Lower the hips into a parallel squat by bending the knees. Press up through knee, hip and lower back stretches.

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keep his chest height with shoulder width grip. Stretch at the elbow and press the bar over your head. Place the barbell on your chest and repeat.

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squat back

lift the barbell over the head and put it behind the neck. Lower the hips into a parallel squat by bending the knees. Stretch and press up through the knees, hips, and lower back.

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barbell rules are multi-functional tools, so you can use a variety of exercises to create complex barbells. In my book "aerobic exercise for soldiers", there are many other exercises like this, using barbells and kettles. No matter what kind of complex exercise you do, remember that using a lower weight does not give you permission to use a worse posture - make sure that each delegate is the winner, under your control. Consistency of execution will allow you to see progress on a weekly basis to the highest standards.

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What do you think? Do you have multiple training? How do you train strength and endurance? Can you try these movements? Tell us the results in the comments!

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