Warning! Think Twice Before Eating These Foods From China



China is that one country that’s always busy creating things meant for export around the world. It’s simply a very busy country. China exports a lot of goods ranging from machinery, clothes to food. Some of the things from the country are amazing and you could definitely make great use of. However, there are so many other things to be wary about from China, including food items.

Here are ten foods from China you should think twice about before eating:

1. Canned Tuna


Canned tuna imported from China, just like canned peaches is bad for your health as it comes loaded with a significant amount of lead that’s been well hidden in the metallic can. That’s actually the only reason you shouldn’t import and eat this.

Aside from just the dangers that come with lead poisoning, canned tuna also comes with many substances found in the other types of fish that come from China that are also harmful to our bodies.  The Chinese fish farms are highly polluted and contain very toxic chemicals . The fish to a great extent feed on the diet found there that includes animal waste. All of that actually ends up in the can packaging of fish which poses a threat to your overall health every single time you buy more.

2. Oil


It’s not that all the oil in China is bad for you but the absence of security precautions and the food safety laws make it very easy for the Chineese manufacturers to sell the most disgusting oil products. They havevery egregious actions when it comes to oil.

Some time back, one of the biggest food companies in China decided to collect the used oil from certain restaurants for filtering and repackaging then sold it as new oil. If you really have to buy oil from China, keep in mind that you might just be buying oil that’s recycled and not the new oil that you want and expect. Since you have no way of knowing where this oil has been and whether it’s safe for you to use, it’s better to just avoid getting oil from China altogether.

3. Mushrooms


When it comes to mushrooms, it’s very common to find tainted ones from China. They are soaked in pesticides which are harmful to human beings when eaten and then the mushrooms are also mislabeled to facilitate higher pricing.  The manufacturers like to stamp the word “organic’ on normal mushrooms with the hopes of getting more profits.

Aside from the fact that they are filled with the most harmful chemicals, those that are imported are sprayed with a lot of preservatives so that they look fresher. Food inspectors have come across a lot of problems with the mushrooms imported from China for so many years. As such, it’s not worth the risk. So if you really need to buy mushrooms, get them from a different source.


4. Lamb


Chinese are no strangers to strange foods. They eat the most unimaginable things and because of that, many people are always suspicious of them since what they serve you might be different from what they claim to have cooked. That’s the same case with lamb.

If you’re really craving some lamb, then go out and get some but note, if it comes from China, just leave it will you? Back in 2013, the police arrested 900 Chinese people who were trying to sell rats as lamb. What the police found was a whole twenty pounds of rat meat. Obviously, no one wants to eat that, right?

5. Tea


Tea is supposed to be very good for you. China actually produces tea in large amounts because lots of Chinese people like to drink tea. As such, many think that tea from China is good for them. However, this isn’t true. So before you even allow yourself to fall into the temptation of buying tea from China, keep in mind that it could contain close to 30 very toxic chemicals.  To be safe, just stay away from them.

6. Wine


When it comes to wine, we all know that some regions in the world are more famous than others because of the great quality they produce. China is certainly not one of those regions. Wines that come from or are made in China despite being made from grapes just like in many other parts of the world, contain so much sugar which isn’t good for you. In addition to that, they contain several artificial flavors that your body certainly doesn’t need.

7. Pork


Chinese people eat more pork compared to beef.  This is because pork is actually cheaper than beef is by almost half.  The problem is that Chinese companies are so into the idea of selling more beef and even pork that they have resorted to adding additives that are filled with borax into the pork they sell so that it ends up looking like beef. This is very risky for the consumer, especially since they end up eating dangerous substances unknowingly.

8. Soy sauce


Soy sauce can easily be found in our fridges despite being very high in sodium. It’s so great when added to some rice or as a flavor to any Asian-inspired kind of dish. Sadly, soy sauce that comes from China is known to contain 4-Methylimidazole which is a chemical known to cause cancer.  We’re not saying that the chemical is present in every bottle of soy sauce but it’s present in about 25% of the amount of soy sauce that comes from China. So if you still insist on buying soy sauce for your kitchen use, just make sure it does not come from China.

9. Eggs


It’s a fact that a lot of foods we eat come from China.  This includes eggs. In case you’ve never noticed, some of the eggs you find in the grocery shop do not exactly come from your local farms. That’s reason enough to check the labels properly the next time you’re buying eggs because you do not want to end up buying the ones that originate from China. Why? Well because the factories in China use paraffin and calcium bicarbonate in the eggs they export so when you eat it, you risk poisoning.

10. Green peas


Green peas are rich in fiber and also contain antioxidants and are great for your health. If you buy green peas that have been imported from China, there’s actually no guarantee that what you’re eating is really green peas.

This is because most of the time, the green peas from China are actually created in labs using a strange mix of different products. As such, what you may have in the name of cheese might actually be some sort of soybeans concoction, food bleaches, snow peas and many other preservatives. The green peas from China are rarely genuine.  They contain so many cancer-causing chemicals and also stop you from getting the full benefits of the real type of green peas.